Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Music Lovers

Valentine’s Day is our favourite excuse to spoil our loved ones with gifts! The days leading up to it are so exciting, with hours spent planning the right gift. From candy gift baskets to heart shaped throw pillows, there are plenty of choices in the market. But for a music-loving partner such gifts wont hit the right spots. So we have thrown some unique gifting ideas to make your V’Day even more special.

latinolovesongs (1)Mixtape – Only you know his/her favourite songs. This Valentine’s Day make a mixtape for your partner of their favourite songs. It could be a healthy mix of hip-hop, country, indie pop and some of their favourites from the 90s.

Pocket DJ Mixer – Gift a little professional-sounding portable DJ that your loved ones can take anywhere they go. The mini sound mixer will insure the party follows wherever they are.

Guitar String Bracelets – Make a cute DIY guitar string bracelet for your loved ones. This is the best way they can wear their musical hearts on their wrist.

Portable Speakers – These little wonders are perfect to lighten up a party, add music to a road trip or just add little rhythm to a busy work day. Trust us, you will never go wrong with portable speakers as a gift.

grid-cell-3304-1416588901-15Vintage Band Posters – A vintage music poster of your partner’s favourite band is the sweetest and the most thoughtful gift ever.

Music Lyrics Frame – Take a print out of your loved one’s favourite song and frame it. It will make for a beautiful piece of décor too.


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