Music, work and productivity

The music you choose to listen to at work determines your productivity and majorly affects the task in hand.  There is no particular right and wrong kind of music for your profession, but some tunes do tend to up your productivity at work.













Research shows that listening to jazz or classical music stimulates creativity and triggers brain activity. If you are an artist or writer you might like listening to ambient, wordless music. The rhythm should be steady without any crescendos and not major build-ups and collapses. Let the music flow and help you mull over the idea and thoughts in your head.

If your work involves manual tasks and lot of movement, you can listen to upbeat music. Such music can make repetitive tasks easier to undertake.












In a noisy workplace a sweet, immersive music can isolate your attention to the task at hand. Yes of course, headphones are of necessity here.

Whatever music you select, a familiar playlist is the best when you have to focus. Stripped of any new element to distract, familiar music tunes your brain to follow a familiar path. You can tick off your to-do list easily with the help of such music.


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