JBL Spark– A wireless speaker that spells style

Bluetooth speakers come in all shapes and sizes, but the JBL Spark is funky, all thanks to its top-notch design. This masterpiece from JBL will definitely add beauty to your home decor. It comes enclosed with 2 powerful high-performance drivers that are matched to a tuned bass port, thereby letting you seamlessly enjoy JBL sound wirelessly.


The unique cabinet and multiple colour options will surely grab eyeballs. The perfect complement to your Bluetooth-enabled devices, Spark merges wireless technology to cool design – transforming any room into a space that looks every bit as exceptional as it sounds.


Have a look at some of the features below:

Playful design

The Spark fits anywhere and looks super-awesome with its translucent body, sturdy metal grill, fabric-finished cable and matching JBL power adapter.

Bluetooth connectivity

You don’t need to worry about connectivity! The JBL Spark offers an unparallel audio experience with its instant wireless audio playback from any Bluetooth-enabled device including smartphones, tablets, computers and media players.

Great JBL sound

Spark’s dual drivers and tuned bass port deliver great sound and surprising power. You’ll never guess it’s a speaker, until you experience all the details in your favourite songs.

Easy set up and configuration

You’re free to hang it on a hook, in a corner of the room, or lay it on any table or shelf; yes the JBL Spark takes convenience to a whole new level. The connection to Wireless Bluetooth is instant and that means you can start playing music right away.

We’ve just listed some of the features but to experience JBL Spark’s true magic, you’ll have to hit the nearest Harman House store. So what are you waiting for? Rush now and tell us what you think about these awesome wireless speakers.


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