In-Ear Earphones vs. Over-The-Head Headphones

Audiophiles can’t image a day without music! The joy of listening to your favourite tracks on-the-go without any disturbance is just incredible. But here’s a question that may have crossed your minds – in-ear headphones or over-the-head earphones?

Update 3

Headphones deliver exceptional results and are immensely good at capturing bass tones. They also has the ability to efficiently block out ambient noise. There are a variety of headphones to choose from:

  1. Supra-aural headphones cover the entire surface of your ears without completely sealing them.
  2. Circum-aural headphones or over-the-ear headphones enclose your ears, looking like ear coverings worn by workers on airstrips.

Open-cup headphones are less expensive, while closed-cup models come with higher price tags due to their advanced speaker designs and powered amplification.

As compared to headphones, earphones are light on the pocket and portable. Blocking out ambient noise is not something earphones are good at, highlighting the need to increase the volume that can mess with your hearing.

The sound between headphones and in-ear earphones are simply different. One can’t say better or worse except for personal preference. If you need a high sound quality, headphones are a good pick. However, if portability is your main objective and you want something that you can use while travelling, earphones will seal the deal for you.


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