Your essential headphone guide

Little did Nathaniel Baldwin know that his invention which he made by his hand in the kitchen would become one of the most indispensable products to us today. Yes we are talking about the headphones. Today the headphones are more than just products used to listen to music. They are style statement accessories; they are your identity and more. That is why you are always confused as to which headphone you should pick. Sometimes we make our choices in a hurry and then find out that ear-buds doesn’t suit the shape of our ear because they keep falling out and there are many such complaints that we make post-buying.  To make your life easy we will give you a quick rundown on the different earphones and their features.

Ear Buds

Update 1

These are the earphones that fit in the outer ear and without getting inserted face the ear canal. People have had mixed feelings about them. Some claim they are comfortable while others complain that they keep falling off. They don’t provide any acoustic isolation. So if you are looking for headphones while taking a walk in the park, these will fit you well.

In Ear

Update 2

In-ear headphones or also known as canal earphones are similar to ear buds but have a small difference. They have to be inserted in the ear canal. They are most widely used currently in the market. Because they have to be directly inserted in the ear canal, they provide enough noise cancellation and are less likely to fall out. They have their pros and cons. In Ear headphones are not something you should wear on a busy road as it shuts out all the noise, but then if you want to listen to your music without any external sound, then these are the perfect headphones for you.

On Ear

Update 3

On Ear headphones are also known as headsets. You can divide them into categories like circum aural (that encompass the ears), supra aural (the pads of which are against the ears, rather than around the ears) and open-back and closed-back (that have their ear-cups open and closed respectively). Circum aural headphones are portable to some extent but depending on the size, their weight can go up to 500 grams. They provide complete noise attenuation. Supra-aural headphones, on the other hand, are smaller and lighter but don’t provide full noise attenuation and because of the pads pressing against the ears, some users complain of the discomfort.

Most of the time people are split between portability and comfort. Although headphones provide superior listening experience, their size becomes an issue. For those looking for an effective listening experience must consider in-earphones seriously. For those who can compromise their listening experience so that they can lend an ear to the bustle outside, earbuds will be an ideal choice. Harman House has a variety of headphones you can choose from. They come with a warranty and are easily replaced if duration to damage falls within the warranty period.

So visit us today and check them out!


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