Portable Speakers – which is the right one for you?

Portable speakers are taking the market of electronics by storm. These little wonders are perfect to lighten up a party, add music to a road trip, or serve as a gift to a close friend. They offer rich audio quality in a size that is easy to carry wherever you go. With built-in amplifiers and a compact design, portable speakers make it possible for you to enjoy music on commuting and other travel trips. But what factors should you keep in mind before you pick one up? Well leave it to the experts. We give you a guide to pick the perfect portable speaker.


Fits your pocket!
Buy this we don’t mean the size of the speaker.  Before you get going, you should consider your budget.  There are many portable speakers available at different price ranges. The more the feature a speaker has, the higher will be its price. So think about the basic features you are looking for and stick to finding a speaker that fits in your budget. If you get swayed by fancy specifications and additional features, you are very likely to end up burning a hole in your pocket. Spending money on features that you are not likely to use often is not a good idea. So stick to what is useful for you.

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Sound Quality

To decide on the quality of sound, you need to think where you are going to use these speakers and for how big a crowd. If you plan to use the speakers outdoors or with a big group of people, go for speakers with robust bass. If you plan to use the speakers indoors by yourself or with a handful of people around, you don’t need to look for speakers with too much power as the walls will contain the sound.

Image 2

The right size

One of the important factors is the size of the portable speakers. Speakers can be as small as a ball designed to be carried around in the pocket of your jacket like the , or slightly bigger models that can easily fit in your bag. While some prefer a large speaker system thinking it might be more powerful, others might be looking for a small portable speaker with crisp sound effects. Testing out models in different sizes is a good option if you are confused about the exact size you want or the sound quality a particular size can deliver.


Charge it up!

Next, you need to know about the charging specifications. It is likely that the more features a speaker has, the sooner its battery will drain out. Most portable speakers have built-in rechargeable batteries, which can be charged via an electrical outlet and/or USB connection. So consider the run time, power source and battery quality before you select a model

Other features

You also need to consider whether you want wired or wireless speakers. While wired models are cheaper, wireless speakers are worth the price due to the flexibility they provide. Wireless speakers let you connect your smart devices via Bluetooth. You would love to take your portable speakers around. That is why you should check if there are cases and covers available for the portable speakers.jbl-pulse-01


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