Let me entertain you!

6 mobile apps that will keep you entertained anywhere, anytime.

Today, smart devices have become an integral part of our lives. You can’t even imagine a day without your smart phone or tablet. These wonder gizmos are not just used for official purposes but have also become entertainment hubs. Today millions of users use their smart devices to watch movies, TV shows, play games and connect with friends. But what make these smart devices more entertaining are applications. That is why we have shortlisted 6 apps that will add the entertainment quotient to your smart devices.



Part geo-caching and part King of the Mountain, Google’s Ingress pits users against each other in a race to claim virtual control over real-world landmarks for one of the game’s two competing factions: Enlightened or Resistance. As fun as the game may be, it’s become a social phenomenon, with players from around the world gathering to meet one another, share experiences and make friends. Previously in closed beta requiring an invite, Ingress recently swung open its doors to new players, shifting to open beta.

PlayStation® App and Xbox® One SmartGlass

Sony and Microsoft launched a key feature with the launch of their consoles and that is the incorporation of mobile devices as a second screen. Whether it’s receiving vital information (maps, objectives, etc.) on the fly in a game or simply using your mobile device as a remote control, this extension of function is a must-have for anyone planning to enjoy the next-gen experience to its fullest.


Looking to find new friends? Then you got to download Tinder.Tinder’s simplicity and functionality could help users find like minded people. By signing in with Tinder and connecting to Facebook, users are instantly shown available men and women in their current vicinity. If any of them appeal, Tinder users can show their interest. If both sides are interested, they can message each other and find a place to meet.

The Walk

The Walk

One of the hardest things about getting in shape is staying motivated to work out. No one knows this better than Six to Start, the studio behind the hit Zombies, Run! fitness app. Developed with the cooperation of the UK Department of Health and NHS, the studio’s latest story-based fitness app puts players in the heart of a suspense thriller. The Walk contains 65 episodes with fully illustrated maps, 800 minutes of audio and hundreds of collectible items. Best of all, the game’s “adaptive fitness” system adjusts to users’ fitness levels, rewarding them for gradually increasing their workouts.

Redbox Instant


Renting movies from the local video rental store are a passé! Thanks to movie streaming apps like Redbox Instant, you can watch top blockbusters when you want, where you want on your smart device.

Download these apps and tell us which one did you like the most! If you know of any entertaining apps share it with us in the comment box below.


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