Ten #AClassApart movie gadgets we wished were real.

For years sci-fi movies have entertained and enchanted us. From teleporting beans to remote controls that can change lives, these movies have challenged our reality and made us think that is this really possible? Here are a few movie gizmos that we really wished came to life from the silver screen.

Hover board from Back to the Future 2


Thanks to the Back to the Future series, hover boards have been on the wish-list of sci-fi movie enthusiasts since 1989. Hoverboards are just like skateboards, but uses an unknown means of levitation instead of wheels.  Although there have been rumors that the hover boards used in the movie were real, nothing has yet been proven & this gadget still remains on our list of movie gadgets that we wished were real.

X ray glasses from The World is Not Enough – 007

Xray Glasses

X ray glasses have been one of the most desired TV and Movie gadgets of all time, but the one used by master detective James Bond 007 was truly amazing. The glasses helped Bond to see weapons tucked into sultry suspender belts by his nemesis at the casino.

Remote Control from Click

click remote

The power to fast forward a bad day at work, rewind to the good old college days and pause that first date with your sweet heart – the universal remote control from Click could do just about anything.  We think the entire this gadget would change the way we lived our lives, only if human intelligence could bring this gadget to life.

Neuralizer from Men IN Black


Wouldn’t it be great if you could erase all the awkward moments of your life! And that is what the neuralizer helps you to do. It is a cigar shaped device that wipes the memory of a target, putting them in a state of hypnosis. The device produces a noisy, camera like flash. The user has to wear Ray Ban sunglasses so that they are not affected by the device. The length of the memory erased can be changed using buttons & dials.

The Transporter from Star Trek


Teleportation has always fascinated mankind. That is why ‘The Transporter’ is one of the most wanted movie gadgets of all time. The thought of just being teleported to the place you desire in a fraction of a second is just mind boggling.

This is our list! Do you have any movie gadgets in mind that you think are #AClassApart? Feel free to contribute in the comment box below!



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