Go on a musical voyage!

Most of us live our lives on the go and take our music along with us. That is why portable speakers are gaining popularity over the years. Portable speakers have become a must have accessory for audiophiles around the world. But buying a speaker for home and a portable speaker for work can cost you a bit! That is why JBL has come up with an awesome product that brings both of these together – the JBL Voyager!

The JBL Voyager, is the only wireless home audio system that includes a detachable wireless speaker. It’s a concept others can only imitate. This feature makes the JBL Voyager both powerful and portable.

For starters, the main docking system comes with dual drivers and subwoofers that are responsible for the sonic muscle power of a full range JBL home audio system. The dock also has a 30W built in subwoofer that is capable of producing powerful, room-filling audio. The system also boasts of the advanced Soundclear echo and noise cancellation technology, that brings to you crystal clear sound every time you crank the volume up.

Update 2

But that’s just half the fun! With a simple touch you can easily undock the portable Bluetooth speaker out of the main system and move around with your music anywhere.

If you want to check out this powerful yet stylish monster, head to a Harman House store today.


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