Feel the pulse!

Bluetooth speakers are cool, but can they be engaging? Can they be more than just a motionless aluminium object that puts out sound? Yes they can be more than that!

Introducing the JBL Pulse – #AClassApart speakers from JBL that brings together the concept of bluetooth speakers with LED Lava lamps.

We bet you want to know more about this innovative and cool gizmo, that is why we have a little review of what this awesome product has in store for you.

The design


The Pulse is 3 inches wide and 7.2 inches long and weighs a scant 1.1 pounds. The top of the cylinder holds Power, Light, Bluetooth, and Volume Up/Down buttons, along with two curved rows of Color and Intensity buttons for manually controlling the Pulse’s lighting. A small, flat rubber line runs down the length of the speaker, offering a surface to set the cylinder on its side without rolling, and providing a space for the micro USB charging port and 3.5 mm audio input.

The light show


The Pulse is visual delight! As soon as you turn it on the An array of colored LEDs behind the grille light up and glow in different colors. You can choose its color and brightness by pressing the buttons on top of the speaker. There are five different light presets that you can choose from by just pressing the Light button. The Pulse is a high-tech lava lamp, with colorful, bright patterns that shift at your whim. You will be surprised by its different lighting effects.

iOS users can also customize the ligthing with the free JBL Music app. The app lets you load additional lighting modes, shuffling out your favorite new effects to replace the five you can cycle through on the speaker, or just activate them directly through the app. You can also adjust the speed and intensity of the different effects, providing greater control than the speaker’s buttons.

The performance.


The JBL perfomance just doesn’t have good looks but sounds great too! It is surprisingly loud for its size. It brings out impressive midrange and low-mid detail. The bass is also awesome for a speaker of this size. The engineers of JBL have worked really hard to balance the sound performance with the killer looks.

We think that the JBL Pulse is the ultimate small sized party speaker because of its unique light show. It’s interesting look, great sound quality and amazing portability surely make it one of the best bluetooth speakers in the market today.
So come over to Harman House and check this awesome gizmo today.


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