Picking the right TV

Planning to buy a new TV? With a dozen of television sets in the market, picking the right one can be extremely difficult and painful. That is why we have a formed a guide for you! A guide to pick the right TV and here is how you do it.

The basics

Once you get the basics right, making a choice isn’t hard at all. From size, display to extra features, find the answers to all your questions here:

The right size

Whether it’s a 19 inch TV for your kid’s bed room or a 60 inch model for your family home theatre room, there is a TV at Harman House that will fit any room perfectly, no matter how big or small it is. Here’s a tip on how you can pick a TV that is the right size for any room.

Measure the distance in inches from where you plan to sit to where you are going to place the TV. Divide this distance by 1.5. This number represents the largest TV you should buy. To determine the smallest TV that is comfortable to watch, divide the distance by 3. Any size in between will also work great.

Display type

You can choose from two major technologies – LED and Plasma

LED uses brighter, smaller LED bulbs to light up the picture. The picture quality is sharper, much thinner and offer great color. Plasma screens on the other hand have the best contrast when it comes to TV viewing.

Perfect Resolution

All flat-panel TVs can play high-definition content, but you’ll want to check which HD specification they support. 1080p is currently the best widely-supported standard. Samsung’s Clear Motion Rate system, a measure of motion clarity, makes action-heavy programming like sports and movies look great on LED televisions. The higher the CMR, the higher the motion clarity.


As technology is progressing, televisions have become more than just entertainment devices. From HDMI ports to stream a movie from your hard disk to connecting with the internet for making a Skype call, you can do much more  with the modern TV. So before making your choice take a quick inventory of the outputs on your home electronics devices and make sure your new TV will be compatible with them.

The next level

After you’ve had your basic clear, it’s time to go a step ahead.


As time is passing by televisions are becoming thinner by the day. They have become so thin that only a narrow bezel separates the picture from the wall behind it. While selecting your TV make sure the design goes with the décor of your living space.


Your TV isn’t restricted to your cable box or Blu-ray player any more. They have more to offer. Many sets like the Samsung Smart TV range available at Harman House can connect to the internet, browse websites, stream movies and also make video call using Skype.


Now you can have a cinematic 3D experience right in your living room.  With a compatible TV and 3D content, all you need are a pair of 3D glasses and you’ll be ready to experience the magic.

Once you have got the answers to all these levels, you are ready to pick your television. You can always ask one of the salespersons also to help you out if you’re stuck at any point of time.

Do you have any helpful tips? We would love to know from you. Leave your tips in the comment box below.


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