The toughest smart phone in the Galaxy!

After the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and Zoom, the smart phone giants have released the toughest model in the S4 family – the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active.  So you might be wondering what makes the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active different from its other family members. Here’s our review of the toughest smart phone in the Galaxy.Blog Image  5



Blog Image 3

At the first glance, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active looks quite similar to the Samsung Galaxy S4, but if you look closer you can see the difference! Because of its rugged nature, the phone is a bit heavier and sturdier than the S4. The phone doesn’t have touch pads but hard buttons beneath the screen that are dust resistant. The phone also has a removable back with some extra clips to hold it firmly in place to make sure it is completely waterproof. Unlike other Samsung handsets the Galaxy S4 Active screen has TFT rather than Super AMOLED because of which it might not be as bright as other phones but still looks awesome.


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Now you can take those pool party pictures without worrying about dropping your phone in the pool. With the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, you can now take pictures underwater. Since it’s a little difficult to use the touch screen in such condition, you can take pictures using the volume button. Apart from the aqua mode, there are plenty more functions to explore in the S4 Active’s conventional camera mode. The phone can take excellent HD pictures and videos.

Processor, software and more!

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The Samsung S4 Active works on a quad-core processor and is backed by a 2GB RAM. Because of its high performance system, apps open instantly. Even HD games work seamlessly in the Samsung S4 Active.

The phone runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operation system. It has the Samsung busy TouchWiz user interface, so you get all of Samsung’s high end widgets & smart screen features.

It has a sizeable 2,600mAh battery on board which is quite good.

To conclude, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is a stronger and rugged younger brother of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and is perfect for someone who loves to live the adventure. If you want to check out this new tough smart phone from Samsung you can drop into a Harman House showroom near you. The phone is available for AED 2299 and comes with an Etisalat prepaid package of FREE 1GB data for 3 months.


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