AEG – The next generation telephones!

Whether it is to chat up with friends or discuss the next big deal with a business partner, we all need a telephone. Since its inception in 1876, this smart device has undergone a number of changes & enhancements. But what can we expect next?

Well…AEG has the answer to this. Introducing the AEG Eclipse 15 & Solo 15 – the next generation telephones! Inspired by the past & motivated by the future, these phones are perfect in form and function.

Eclipse twin

We are sure you want to know more about these futuristic products, so read on as we give you an in-depth review of what these phones can do!

AEG Eclipse

The AEG’s Eclipse redefines the idea of a telephone. With its unique elliptical design, the AEG Eclipse is bound to catch your eyes. Its glossy finish, blue back-lit keypad and 1.6 inch LCD display add to its unique design.  That is why, the AEG Eclipse won the IF Product Design Award 2012.

The phone is not only beautiful to look, but is also comfortable to hold and use.  The handset has an innovative magnetic connection that makes it easy to pick up & replace. The Eclipse 15 has an excellent battery life of 13 hours (Talk time) & 230 hours (standby). That means you will never leave any conversation incomplete.  Not just that, the phone comes with a digital answering machine with a recording time of 30 minutes, so that you don’t miss a single call while you are away.

Eclipse Plus Single

The phone book can store over 200 contacts to keep you in touch with your world.  With a total of 10 monophonic & polyphonic ringtones, you can say goodbye to the old ‘tring tring’!

The AEG Eclipse comes in two colors – black and white, which blends perfectly with the interiors of any room.

AEG Solo

The AEG Solo 15 is beautiful and curvaceous! Unlike the Eclipse, the Solo looks simple yet elegant.  But the device is not the only thing that makes it desirable, it is packed with features! The Solo has a 1.6 inch LCD display that comes with a brilliant blue backlight, which makes it easier under any light. Solo-black-handset

One of the most remarkable features of the phone is that it is GAP compatible. That means you can connect up to 4 additional handsets that are close to the device. The Solo is powered with a battery life of 13 hours (talk time) that lets you talk till you drop. Even if you forget to put the device back to its base, it can run up to 230 hours on standby.

The AEG Solo comes with a digital answering machine of a recording time of 30 minutes and a phone book that can store 100 contacts.

The model is available in two colors – black & white which adds to the beauty of this simple design.

That is our take on the AEG Eclipse 15 and Solo 15 telephones. If you want to experience the magic of these next generation landlines, then just head to a Harman House showroom closest to you!


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