Charge up with the new JBL Charge

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When it comes to innovation, JBL has always been a forerunner. And they have once again taken a leap towards it with the introduction of the new portable speaker – the JBL Charge!

The Charge may look like a soda can, but is a very powerful speaker in terms of sound & battery life. One of the unique features of the Charge is that you can use its 6000mAh lithium ion battery to charge other gadget with just a USB.

We know you are interested to know more this product, which is why we have wrote a complete review of the product just for you. So sit back, turn on some music and read on.

Designed to charge
The JBL charge is 6 inches long, 2 inches wide, weighs just over a pound and feels very much like a mini American football in the hand. The cylindrical speaker can be placed horizontally or vertically, however you need to make sure you don’t cover the vent port that is on one of its sides.  The Charge is powered by with two 1-5/8 full range drivers and a 2X55 amplifier.

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Apart from this the charge comes with a carrying case, which is simple and nice. The device also comes with AC adapter for charging. The great thing is that the Charge charges with a standard Micro USB cable. That means you can charge the device with any standard tablet charger.

The Charge comes in three different colors – Blue, Green & Black. So you can pick the one that suits your taste best.

Charged up performance
Don’t go by its size, the charge is loud and can easily disturb your neighbors. The amplifiers help the speaker generate bass that sounds like magic. Not just the bass, high frequencies also sound crisp, balanced and natural.

With its 6000mAh lithium battery, you can listen to music for up to 11 to 12 hours depending on the volume. One of the distinct & most features of the Charge is that it can charge any device with its USB port. All you need to do is connect your tablet or smartphone to the JBL Charge using the USB and you will have a full battery in an hour or two.

Blue Charge

Pick the Charge
Compared to other portable speakers in the market, the Charge is way ahead in sound quality and battery life. So if you are looking for music on the go for long hours, we recommend you pick the JBL Charge. Just come over to our Harman House showroom and check the JBL Charge personally.


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  1. i just loved it…and want it 2…plzz… daughter would love it…..thnks….<3

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