How to pick the right headphones?

As we have all started living on the go, one thing has become really important for music lovers around the globe & that is picking the right pair of headphones! With the different types and prices of headphones in the market, this decision has become all the more difficult! So we decided to string a list of suggestions to make it easier for you.

In ear or On ear?

This is probably the first question that pops up when you want to buy a pair of headphones. No worries, a little information on the two will help you make the right pick.

In ear

AKG In Ear K328









In ear headphones are tiny earpieces that go inside your ears & are super portable! They effectively isolate outside sound & work great on airplanes or loud buses. They are especially comfortable for those who wear glasses.              

On ear


On ear headphones cover your ears completely and have great bass response, sound clarity and isolation from outside noise. They have large amount of padding, which makes it more comfortable for people who love to listen to music for long hours.

What are the features you are looking for?

There are a few other features that you need to know before picking your headsets:

Noise cancellation

Noise Cancellation
Harmon Kardon NL








Noise cancelling headphones cancel the noise around you by sampling it and playing an inverted version of that sound. They are usually battery operated & on ear.

Noise isolation

Harmon Kardon AE
Harmon Kardon AE








Noise isolation is completely different from noise cancellation as it blocks external/ambient noise by creating a physical seal to keep the music in. They might not be as effective as noise cancellation, but the good part is that they don’t need batteries and are more affordable.










As it suggests, these headphones let you roam cable free! Using Bluetooth technology, these headphones let you not only listen to music wirelessly, but even play, pause and skip music right from the headphones. These are perfect while going to the gym or a morning jog.

Once you have selected the type & features, do check for reviews by some tech gurus on the digital space. But while all of the above information is good to know, the real deal is to go and experience the headphones first. You’ll never know how well they fit, how well they actually isolate and cancel sound, or how comfortable they are just by looking them up online.  So all you need to do is go to your closest Harman House store, experience the music & pick the one that suits you best.


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