Know your Jenny from the Block!

No more waiting for tonight! It’s time you got on the floor and find out all that you didn’t about J.Lo ‘cause our love for her doesn’t cost a thing. So ladies and gentlemen, get to the edge of your seats and make sure you don’t hold your breath for what’s coming your way!

The Bronx-born, New Yorker bagged her first leading role in the biographical film ‘Selena’, which got her the ALMA Award for being regarded as an outstanding actress. The lady also boasts of selling 25 million albums worldwide.


Jennifer Lopez is the only woman in musical history who has managed to strike the right chords when it came to donning the armour of an actress or hitting the highest pitch with her singing.  She’s so versatile that; her album, ‘J.LO’ and movie ‘The Wedding Planner’, were topping the charts at the same time. She is also the highest paid Latina actress as of now. 


But one thing that seems that seems to have completely floored us and will do the same to you is the kind of record breaking highs that her songs have reached. Her number, ‘On the Floor’ was among the Top 10 songs of the Hot 100 list. 

It isn’t just her voice and acting prowess that is endearing. She also has a heart of gold which explains her wonderful charitable association with UNICEF, Amnesty International and the Red Cross. The song ‘Jenny from the Block’ also conveys similar sentiments. Its lyrics are all about Jennifer’s childhood in Bronx and telling the people that she is the very same person they always knew, despite all the fame she has been blessed with which is why she refers to Bronx, 28 times in the entire song.


Jennifer also has a lot of firsts to her name. She is the first and the only woman to be voted twice as the FHM’s Sexiest Woman in the World and the first Latin actress to be the lead in a film since Rita Hayworth in the 1970’s.

She is also the only star who christened herself as ‘JLO’ after a fan called her that!

So people, here is all the music that we’ve chinned up about our versatile ambassador. Be sure to ‘hold yourself down’ and read every word of it!


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