Fueling audiophilia on the go

There’s no limitation when it comes to beautiful sound. Whether it’s at home, on-the-go, at a party or while traveling – Harman sound systems are always with you.

Imagine taking a road trip with your buddies – the wind in your hair, lush foliage whizzing by and thumping music blasting out of your system. You know the experience would be incomplete without the music! It’s what makes going home at the end of a long day better, it’s what makes being stuck in traffic a little more bearable and it’s even what makes waking up early in the morning and driving to work on a hot, sunny day more bearable. It is this experience that we want to bring to life in every car.

Harman Kardon is already present in BMW, Land Rover, Subaru, Chrysler, Mini Cooper, Mercedes and many others. Here are two of the most recent partnerships we’re really excited about!

Just recently, Harman Kardon partnered with MINI Cooper to design a tailor-made sound system for the car. The system consists of ten optimally positioned speakers. The placement of the speaker is different for each model thereby ensuring an unparalleled and unique experience.

We’re also extremely excited about the BMW X1 Sports Activity Vehicle which is only available in the US as of now. It has a very youthful and sporty design, so a vibrant sound system for the car was a must. Two-way loudspeakers are installed in the two luggage boxes on the driver’s side which turn it into a powerful sound stage. That’s not all. The beautiful sound can be complemented with vibrant blue and orange lights too!

As with all technology, innovation is a big part of everything we do. We reckon voice commands will be passé in the next 2-3 years, and we’re working on a car in which you can control functions just via gestures. A head tilt to increase the volume, a wink to turn the radio on, and a tap to skip the song – the system is intelligent enough to distinguish between involuntary and deliberate actions. You can even make calls by making a ‘lifting the receiver’ gesture with your hand and then saying the name of the person you wish to call. Director of technology at Harman, Tim Roth, says, “It’s all about reducing distractions in the car. These basic gestures are being testing around the globe to find the ideal system that can be used in countries around the world. We’ve started it and now it’s about choosing the right gestures and getting it to production.”

We, for one, can’t wait for more excitement in our vehicles! What about you? Visit our Facebook page, for more audiophilia.


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