Presenting Harman Kardon’s new range of headphones!

We are proud to launch our first-ever line of headphones! The line-up includes four headphones – two in-ear and two on-ear.

The aim was to combine sophistication and simplicity to deliver absolute acoustic excellence. The headphones are designed to fit snugly over or into your ears. The ear plugs and ear pads are changeable so you can pick one that fits best. They also come with a microphone and remote (compatible only with Apple) to control your music and receive and make calls. All the four models are extremely versatile. They can be used with practically any device – expensive, professional devices as well as average mass gadgets. They are designed to provide great acoustics irrespective of the source.

Speaking on the launch of this new line of headphones, Mr. Amit Malani, President of Harman Middle East said, “We are pleased to announce the availability of Harman Kardon’s pioneering range of headphones in the Middle East. These new products reflect the brand’s commitment to innovative industrial design and are best for people who truly appreciate beautiful sound; be it on the go or in the comfort of their homes. Rest assured that the refined and distinctive headphones that we are offering have been built with the precision that has always defined Harman Kardon’s high-fidelity products.”

On-ear headphones

The two on-ear models feature soft, detachable leather ear-pads optimised for comfort and convenience. The Harman Kardon BT (Bluetooth-enabled) headphones come with a battery that’s lasts up to 12 hours. However, if the battery is used up then plug a cable into the 2.5mm jack and you’ll still be good to go. The detachable ear pads are connected by magnets so you can remove them when you need to clean or replace them. The headphones themselves fold flat to slip easily into a briefcase or bag. The headphones come with a premium carrying case. This was added keeping in mind music lovers who are always on the go.

In-ear headphones

Don’t judge them by their size! The two in-ear models have been designed to provide crystal clear, sharp acoustics even at lower volumes. It is for this purpose that the passive noise cancellation feature has been integrated. Multiple earphone sleeve options allow users to find the right fit while blocking exterior noise from disturbing the clarity of the audio content. They also feature a bass port on the underside of each earpiece.

The in-ear headphones, NI and AE, are priced at AED 399 and AED 599 respectively and the on-ear headphones, BT and CL, are priced at AED 1,099 and AED 899 respectively.


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