Size does matter!

Got the smarts? Match them with the looks. That seems to be the idea behind Samsung’s latest offering – the stunningly gorgeous and gigantic 75-inch LED ES9000 SMART TV with a lush rose gold finish.


Sleek design

It’s a treat for the senses. The indulgent 75-inch screen makes is stunning to look at even when switched off. The design is so sleek that one can lose themselves in the depth of the visuals. It features a cleverly located push-up camera that can be aimed in different directions and pushed back into the chassis when it is not in use.

Being a SMART TV, it provides Smart Interaction, Smart Content and Smart Evolution – all of which provide an experience like no other. It brings the whole family together through its range of varied content, beautifully simple interface and its extraordinary features. From personal workouts to surfing the net to connecting with friends and family worldwide, it doesn’t seem like there’s anything you can’t do.

Play on!

It’s not all work and no play though. Samsung has brought everyone’s favourite Angry Birds game to their content hub. This game can now be played on the TV, but trust us it will feel like a whole new experience. Thanks to Smart Interaction, it is the hand gestures that will control the birds! Plus, playing it on that plush screen is bound to be way more fun.

Even the human brain might become rusty as time passes, but not this TV. The Smart Evolution kit is a compact and clever little thing which updates your TV every year. It even has an award to certify that it truly is smart! The European Image and Sound Association (EISA) recently awarded Samsung’s ES8000 series top accolades as the “European Future Proof TV” for making it remarkably simple for consumers to make their TVs “smarter” year to year.

Samsung’s 75-inch LED ES9000 SMART TV is where sophisticated design and cutting-edge technology blend seamlessly into not just an opulent product, but a truly magnificent experience.

Now available at Harman House. Price on request.


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