How to select the right Home Theatre System

Everyone loves movie theatres. Sit back into a plush seat and enjoy uninterrupted entertainment. What’s not to love? However, it’s not every day that one can visit a theatre. Enter the home theatre system. Imagine being able to enjoy the same experience, surround sound, 3D et al from your living room! In today’s time, a good home theater system is a must. Kids love TV but now you can turn their obsessive TV habits into edutainment sessions or a movie night with the whole family!

As amazing as a home theatre system is, it’s also a tad difficult to choose. Here we tell you how to select a home theatre system which is best for you.

There are three main components of a home theater system:

  1. The TV
  2. DVD player
  3. Speakers

The TV

Firstly, is your home theatre more for movies or for music? If it’s for movies, then you can look at spending more on the TV than the speakers. There are a wide range of TVs available today so make sure to take a good look around before selecting one. We recommend the Samsung SMART TVs which are packed with features! Everything from music to fitness videos and movie trailers is downloadable and it can be synced with all your multimedia devices.

Remember, the TV isn’t the only component so check your room size before buying a TV. You want there to be enough space in the room for the sound to reflect off the walls so don’t cramp it up.

DVD player

This really depends on your budget. We suggest getting a good Blu-Ray player as it automatically upconverts DVDs.  If you’re a music person, make sure that it has all the necessary ports to plug in your phone, USB etc. Do check with the salesperson if there’s already a specific DVD player included in your home theatre package and if you can customise it as per your needs.


Speakers are what put the ‘theatre’ feel in your home theatre system so choose wisely. If your room is small or medium, make sure not to choose speakers with more than 1,000 watts of output power. A home theatre system has between 4 to 8 speakers. One speaker should be a centre channel speaker as this makes the vocals crystal clear. If you have a large room, then getting a sub-woofer is a good idea.

If you are a music buff, then you should check out options for amplifiers too. It’s always better to opt for a brand known for audio engineering than going with the popular electronic brands. Harman Kardon and JBL both offer amazing quality and a great variety of options too.

When you visit our store, make sure to tell the sales person about your room size, preference and budget so they can give you the best option. See you soon!


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