Truly, a SMART experience

One of our fans visited the Harman Samsung Smart Academy at our Dubai Mall showroom and here’s her experience:

Truly, a SMART experience!


Hey! I’m writing to share my experience at the Harman Samsung Smart Academy.

I’ll start off with a confession – I can be quite a technological dinosaur! So obviously, the Academy seemed like the perfect place for me. We have been planning to buy a TV since ages now but of course, it’s just one of those things you keep on your wishlist until you actually need to buy it. Luckily, I happened to read about the Smart Academy on their Facebook page and I thought it was worth a visit.

So off I was to Dubai Mall. And it was definitely worth it. Located inside the Harman House store (just ask the attendants to guide you), the academy is a large, plush space with six different areas.

The first area is where they tell you about the basics of the TV; from how many remotes it has to what each remote does and so on. One of the remotes actually works as a mike for when there’s a lot of background noise and semi-mouse pad which is so convenient in case you don’t have a wireless mouse.

Next up, is the area where they teach you to use your hand gestures to operate the TV. This was really great as I could try it myself. I even managed to check my Facebook while I was at it! It also has face recognition so you just create one Samsung ID which can be synced with all your social media websites and then login to it simply by face recognition!

Just as I was wondering how much lazier these TVs are going to make us, they took me to the ‘Fitness Hub.’ Set with a yoga mat et al, it felt just like home! There are more than 4,000 videos to choose from and a good number of these are fitness videos. The best part is the built-in camera which serves as a virtual mirror so I could actually see myself exercising in the split screen!

Then there was the Kids Hub and the Family Hub, both of which are home to some of the greatest apps I have seen! Looks like these apps are finally about to change the reputation of the television as an idiot box. You don’t really need to worry about your kids watching TV all the time ‘cause chances are they’re actually learning some pretty cool stuff.

The last stop was the ‘All Share’ station. This one is absolutely amazing! Basically, you can watch or listen to whatever is on your phone, camera or laptop through your TV. No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth required, the TV has its own router!

After that I was taken to the sound station. Those Harman Kardon sound systems are truly beautiful! If you thought the TV was a beauty, then you have to wait to listen to it with the Harman Kardon sound systems attached. It’s out of this world!

All in all, it was a really fun experience which is a lot to say coming from someone as technologically challenged as me! I’m definitely going back to buy one of these beauties. Have you visited the Academy as yet? If not, call 04-3399629 to book your appointment today!


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