Samsung Harman-Smart Academy

In a unique bid to educate our consumers, we have tied up with Samsung to bring to you the Samsung Harman Smart-Academy. A sprawling 2,000 sq. foot space in our Dubai Mall outlet is prepped to help consumers get acquainted with the latest and breakthrough technology – internet TVs.

The idea for this initiative came when Amit Malani, the regional head at Harman, received feedback that the vast majority of buyers are not optimally using the web features on these televisions.

“Buyers may like the look and feel of having these sets in their homes and indeed brag about them, and many are buying them. But we retain serious doubts about whether they surf the web through them. That’s what we need to change,” he said.

There’s no requirement that people visiting the Academy should buy a set or should have previously bought from Harman House. You can simply be a gadget lover or someone with a high curiosity level with regards to technology. Plus, the service is offered for free.

It can be scary for a customer to see a high-tech TV with all the multiple wires and sockets. That’s where the Academy smoothens the process by providing hands-on education. A customer representative will guide you through an interactive and educative session in which you can operate the TVs yourself and explore the features. You can resolve your doubts and gain a complete understanding of how the system functions.

In a couple of days, the next generation of Samsung’s Smart TVs are being launched. These TVs carry as many applications as any smartphone. Through this Academy, Harman and Samsung want to make sure that everyone knows exactly what these TVs can do and how simple and intuitive it is to use them.

To book your appointment, call 04-3399629 between 10 am and 10 pm. 


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