Jennifer Lopez & Harman Kardon designed to deliver Beautiful Sound

It is said that if you dare to dream big, the dreams one day do turn into reality. Moving ahead in life with this conviction was a girl born in the Castle Hill neighbourhood of Bronx, New York. With dreams of making it big in the music industry, she financed her singing and dancing lessons by working as a notary public in a legal office and also supported her education by performing in Manhattan night clubs.

Jennifer Lopez

This hard-working girl with stars in her eyes is none other than Jennifer Lopez. The Latina diva got her first movie break in 1997 and made her singing debut in 1999 and has since continued to deliver exceptional music, making her the best all-round entertainers of the present generation. Strikingly similar is the journey of Harman Kardon, which too made a modest start, but is at present one of the best producers of high fidelity sound systems and home theatres in the world.

Sidney Harman, the founder of Harman International grew up in New York City and financed his school and college education by selling published magazines to local retailers. It was in 1954 that Sidney Harman formed a company with his friend Bernard Kardon and both men chipped in $5,000 each for the same. They produced the world’s first stereo receiver, the TA230 in 1958. After a long period of struggle and innovations, Sidney built up the mammoth company which now produces the best in home theatre equipment. It was truly the passion of an individual and his flair in science of music and listening to the end consumer that made it possible to build some of the best sound receivers enlisted in history.

Seasons change, but great sound never goes out of style, and Harman Kardon engineers have been working day and night to make pure music sound just that – pure and beautiful. And, in order to personify and deliver the message of “Beautiful sound” for which Harman Kardon stands, the company has teamed up with none other than J. Lo unarguably among the best entertainers of our times.

Jennifer Lopez being entertained by Harman Kardon systems

The Puerto Rican beauty has evolved from being only an actress to a complete all-round package of also being an entertainer, recording artist, film and TV producer, fashion designer, entrepreneur and philanthropist at the same time. Similarly, Harman Kardon has constantly renewed itself to deliver the complete entertainment package to its consumers. Hence, when the two giants came together it was a match made in heaven.

When the makers of beautiful-sounding products get together with the most beautiful-sounding entertainers of our generation, an explosion of entertainment is guaranteed. So, stay tuned to rock your senses!


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  1. Nice article. I liked the connect brought out between HK and Jennfier Lopez… very different from normal media releases.

  2. Thanks for the positive feedback! We are glad you liked it.

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